28/04/2017 :: Virtulan 2017

Informations générales

  • Vendredi 28 avril 2017 à 12h00
    Date de début :
  • Dimanche 30 avril 2017 à 20h00
    Date de fin :
  • Site web:
  • 5000 places
    Nombre de places:
  • 75€
    Prix d'entrée:
  • Organisé par:
  • Belgique
    Pays :
  • Flandre
    Région :
  • Flandre occidentale
    Département :
  • Gent (9051)
    Ville :
  • 1 Maaltekouter
    Adresse :
51.025986 3.690763
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VirtuLan will be Benelux biggest indoor LanEvent. We talk about a lan EVENT because we think it’s not just about the lanparty but a whole lot more. There will also be room for Esports, entertainment, music, workshops, cosplay and so much more. Virtulan will focus on implementing VR in the Lan-industry. When you think ‘VR’ you probably think of the Oculus Rift® and the VR headset of PlayStation® but we’re thinking big, so come to VirtuLan to check out the new generation of VR gaming.

When & Where

Virtulan will take place at the weekend of 28 – 29 – 30 April 2017, at FLANDERS EXPO in Ghent. 
We will open our doors Friday 28th of April at 12.00 to give everyone enough time to install your equipment. The opening ceremony will start at 20.00 in the main hall.

What to expect @ VirtuLan

As you already could guess, there will be a LAN @ VirtuLAN ;). We will provide 5000 seats for our guests to game with your friends as you please. There will be some compo’s for professional players, but also for people (like us) that only game for fun. Which compo’s can you expect? Well, there will be console compo’s, ARTS, fighting games and first person shooter games.

Because we want to give you something more than just the BYOC FUN, there also will be an EXPO area where all sorts of companies will present their products or services. The exhibitors will all be game and VR related, so it will be worth your time to visit the EXPO when your @ VirtuLan.

Because we have a whole weekend to fill and we want to give you the best time of your life, there will be a lot of entertainment @ VirtuLan. To give some examples there will be retro games, casino games, drone racing, laser shooting, workshops and even for the ladies some girly-things. At the evenings there will be live music and DJ’s who will break the house down.

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