Is this some kind of bug, or should I just wait a little bit longer?


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I've started testing some functions in CC. When I open a file for the first time, CC asks me if I want to compute normals - which works fine. I merged some point clouds and improved the data, and now wanted to create a mesh with it. Unfortunately it seems that some normals were lost (or I didn't compute all of the clouds), so I get the Error message that the clouds must have normals.

So far, so good - but when I manually start to compute the normals, everything that happens is that my CPU is completely used (workload 100%), and I can't barely open CC anymore. I've waited for several hours, but nothing changes. Ok, the file size of the .bin file is about 1,2 GB, so I'm sure it has to take some time, but this is incredible long (also compared to the computing of the normals when I do it right after the start). I've just tested it once more, and after an hour it has just 4%...
Is this some kind of bug, or should I just wait a little bit longer?

Please help.

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Thank you.

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